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Galleries in Bulgaria

The highest achievements of Bulgarian artists were inspired by the dramatic events in Bulgaria’s turbulent history. Bulgarian art has not given to the world such names as Leonardo da Vinci or Rembrandt but still you can enjoy lots of talented works in the cities’ galleries, created with inspiration and great mastership. If you are an art lover, you should take your time to visit the galleries in your travel destination. You can see amazing exhibitions at the art galleries in Sofia, the Art Gallery in Varna, the Town Art Gallery in Plovdiv, the Art Gallery in Bourgas. There are art galleries in every district town in Bulgaria - Pleven, Assenovgrad, Lovetch, Stara Zagora, Kardjali, Kazanluk, Sliven, Troyan, Rousse. You are sure to return from your gallery tour greatly impressed and emotionally charged!

Sofia Galleries

The collection of the Bulgarian National Gallery of Fine Art is a real treasure for art lovers. The gallery features a permanent exhibition of valuable paintings by eminent Bulgarian artists. The paintings you will see in this gallery have been carefully selected for its collection over the course of many years. They represent the development of Bulgarian art from the period after the liberation from the Ottoman rule, through the communist period up to modern days. The Bulgarian National Gallery for Foreign Art displays 18 exhibition halls exhibiting only a small part of its 3000 paintings in 18 exhibition halls. The collection covers an extensive period of time – the oldest items dating back to the Greek Antiquity 4th-3rd c. BC , the newest ones featuring the contemporary art movements. Apart from European pieces of art, the gallery exhibits amazing collections of Asian and African art. The Sofia City Art Gallery owns one of the richest collections of Bulgarian art. Apart from popularizing the works of Bulgarian artists the gallery arranges one-man or group exhibitions of foreign authors as well as photo-exhibitions. There are numerous smaller private art galleries in Sofia where you can see the works of contemporary Bulgarian artists – paintings, ceramics, sculpture, textile works and art jewelry.